Signature Series Performance Muffler

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An Incredible Muffler at an Incredible Value.

Revolutionary technology. Industry leading flow. No exhaust drone.

These are only some of the reasons why The Signature Series is our most popular product.

Loud muffler brand - Hot Tamale

Revolutionary, Drone Eliminating Technology

Wouldn’t it be great if your muffler was loud when you wanted it to be, and quieter when you DIDN’T want it to be?

That’s EXACTLY what our patented “Tuning Fork Technology” does.

Our mufflers provide a bold, deep tone when idling and under acceleration. But at highway speeds, Paradox Performance Mufflers become much quieter, with virtually no annoying exhaust drone.

This is why Paradox Performance Mufflers are unlike any other muffler on the planet, and it's also why they provide unmatched sound and flow.

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Loud muffler brand - Hot Tamale by Paradox

Quality and Value

True quality is difficult to find at a great value.

The Signature Series offers our exclusive patented technology in a package that's very affordable.

Why spend more money on a muffler that doesn't have the incredible sound, flow, and exhaust drone killing technology of Paradox?

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Paradox Performance Muffler Hot Tamale

Buy With Confidence

We back every Signature Series muffler with a 6 year warranty

When you buy from us, you can rely on our support and focus on what’s important- enjoying your ride.

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  • Overall Length: 19 inches
  • Case Length: 14 inches
  • Case Material: Aluminized
  • 6 Year Limited Warranty

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Signature Series Testimonial

“I got rave reviews from the sound of my Challenger with it's exhaust tone from the Signature Series mufflers I have. Thanks Paradox for making a quality product.”

—Michael McMath

Paradox Muffler Testimonial

“Great product, highly recommend! I couldn’t be happier.”

—Jake Knupp


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