Exhaust Y Pipes

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$36.00 - $54.00
$36.00 - $54.00
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Product Overview

Y Pipes

Y-Pipes are a very useful exhaust component. They are useful for creating "dual out" or "dual in" muffler setups, useful for creating "dual back" exhaust, and much more.

We carry Y-Pipes in a variety of inlet/outlet sizes. They are available in stainless or aluminized steel, and we offer several extended warranty options.

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Note: We quality inspect each and every item we carry we by hand in our US facility. Our mufflers are made entirely in the US, but our Y-Pipes are sourced from outside our company and may have origins in other countries. Photos are for representative purposes only.

Y Pipe Exhaust Sizes

(all internal diameter / I.D)

3 inch single to 3 inch dual

3 inch single to 2.5 inch dual

3 inch single to 2.25 inch dual

2.5 inch single to 2.5 inch dual (aluminized only)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review