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Silverado with Paradox Performance Muffler

"Love the Paradox exhaust. Deep, rich tone with some 70’s muscle car growl. No drone, quiet cabin area."

—Chuck Armstrong

Dodge Challenger with Paradox Performance Muffler

“I got rave reviews from the sound of my Challenger with it's exhaust tone from the Signature Series mufflers I have. Thanks Paradox for making a quality product.”

—Michael McMath

Silverado with Paradox Performance Muffler

“Love how the Paradox makes the 5.3 sound. I would tell the world if they would listen.”

—Lance Bryan

Jeep with Paradox Performance Muffler

“I love how the Paradox Muffler makes my Jeep sound. Nice deep rumble, but no drone. Really brings out the sound of the iconic inline 6 4.0. Best part is made in the USA.”

—Cody Kerr

Mustang with Paradox Performance Muffler

"I have the Hot Tamales. And wow is all I have to say changed the whole sound of the car. Those mufflers gave me the exact sound I was looking for."

—Steve Kowal

Dodge Ram with Paradox Performance Muffler

“Love the Paradox. Deep low tone that sounds amazing.”

—Clay Underwood

Toyota Tundra with Paradox Performance Muffler

"Just installed 2 Paradox Elite Series mufflers on my straight piped 08 Tundra. I am extremely pleased with the sound and the return of torque from just adding these mufflers."

—Todd Fain

Jeep with with Paradox Performance Muffler

Mercury with Paradox Performance Muffler

“Sounds good and looks good. Thanks for making a difficult job easy.”

—Matt Mails

Dodge with Paradox Performance Muffler

Fox body Mustang with Paradox Performance Muffler

“Great product, highly recommend! I couldn’t be happier.”

—Jake Knupp

Chevrolet with Paradox Performance Muffler

Just wanted to send a thank you. My car sounds awesome, 2015 camaro rs 3.6l. I get compliments all the time most don't believe it's a v6 the way it sounds and when I get on it it's just what I wanted. Plus riding long drives its not too loud but you know it's there. I would also like to thank the wonderful person I spoke to on the phone, very nice, very knowledgeable I was impressed. Thanks again, I always recommend you at car shows, drag strips and online. Keep up the good work

- Charles C.

The sound is amazing. I love the sound and performance of the mufflers. The customer service is excellent. They respond very quickly to emails and even gave a call back to help me choose the right mufflers for the sound I wanted.

- Johnny Ford, 2019 Chrysler 300S

I had a Paradox 3" pipe Hot Tamale (very high quality) installed on my 2002 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 5.3L / 4l60e (not a hotrod by any means) and I am very pleased with it. The tone is very mellow from idle to 2000 rpm normal driving then up to rpm limiter it starts singing that tune everyone loves to hear in a performance vehicle and in the interior it has no annoying rumbling, groaning, or vibrating noises. If you are in the market for a quality muffler at a very reasonable price, this is the one. Thanks guys for all the research you put in this high quality performance muffler... HOME RUN! Now if I can just keep my foot out of it I'll see if mpg is changed. Sincerely, One Pleased Customer.

- Kevin N.

Just installed the Hot Tamales on my 2019 Camaro RS/ V6. I bought them because of the clearance issues other mufflers presented for my car ( 19 in length is the absolute max for the camaro). The Hot Tamales are a game changer, it has a nice deep tone, virtually no drone, the sound is noticeable but not obnoxious. These mufflers have made my car more of a blast to drive. This how it should have sound from factory. Unde light throttle it sounds a little JDM-ish, but full throttle sounds very exotic.

- William

Phenomenal muffler! Gives a nice throaty sound when you want it, but nice and mellow cruising down the Highway. Definitely recommending it to friends!

- David Perterson

Let me tell you I am beyond in love with how my 2008 Nissan Titan sounds now... my wife is not one to be excited about that kind of thing but I think I lost my truck lol. Thank you for making an outstanding product. Your fan for life, Danny.

- Danny V.

Hi my name is Erich. I'm just writing to say I have never in my life heard a better sounding LS than mine with your 3" Elite's. I'll put them on anything I own in the future. Again thank you for such an awesome product.

- Erich H.

Hands down one of the best sounding mufflers I've ever had!!!!

- Mike Bonaparte

I just got finished installing it and man it's awesome quieter inside the truck and sounds f*$&$*n sweet!!! The customer service is absolutely amazing!!! I am definitely going to let people know about your company!!! Thanks again!!!!

- Jeff K, 2013 GMC Sierra

Muffler is awesome love the sound on my 5.9.

- Christopher

Wow! Had the new muffs installed on my CTSV today. Nothing but happy. They sound absolutely amazing without being obnoxious. Thanks for the advice. I will recommend you to anyone that asks!

- Matt M.

Hard to improve on a quality product that sounds great. If it's not broke don't fix it!

- Sam K.

I purchased the 3" Signature Series Elite mufflers for my 31 Model-A. It has a new 421 stroker and I just love the sound of the Paradox mufflers.

- Scott M.

I installed a set of Hot Tamales on my 2003 Cobra Mustang they sound awesome.

- Arthur B.

Just had my new paradox muffler installed today, and man did it bring out the sound of my motor, better sound than I imagined, thanks again Paradox!

- Robert, Chevy Silerado

Had my 2014 f150 done today. They did a great job and it sounded just like I wanted it to. Unleashed the beast.

- Brent

If you're looking for that perfect sound and want to gain gas mileage and increase power all in one, try a paradox muffler. It gave me so much more power I thought someone hit me from behind when I took off.

- Mike Capps

Love the way Paradox sounds on my car.

- Jake, Fox Body Mustang

I got a paradox muffler for my 02 Dodge Ram 1500. Not only does it sound amazing now I am getting 3-4 more miles a gallon now. I couldn't be happier with this muffler. A must buy!

- Rick

I had A Paradox muffler installed on my wife's 03 Jeep Wrangler. Before, with stock muffler fuel mileage was from 15.7 to 16.1. After Paradox installation fuel mileage is 18.1 on last tank and highway as much as 19.9 MPG! Also power is much, much better. Jeep is standard 5 speed tranny, very seldom does she have to downshift. And the sound? A nice deep sound. Thanks!

- Don

Just got my Paradox today, oh what a sound!

- Jason

Had a paradox muffler put on my 2004 jeep grand Cherokee and they were right. Unreal flow, unreal sound! Thanks guys!

- Jody

I got to looking for something different, not a flowmaster, magnaflow, borla, etc and I'm so glad I came across you guys. What I ended up with was 2.25 duals to a 3 inch Y pipe and signature series muffler that kept the factory routing with 3 inch pipe. The sound is done no justice by phone camera, keeps a nice burly tone throughout the RPMs but is very tame cruising down the highway. Service was straightforward and the muffler quality is top notch!

- Dylan C.

The nicest sounding muffler you can find for the 3.8 L engine. Nice low tone and no rasp at all. I have recommended Paradox in the past and still do

- Ted S.

65 Ranchero, 347, 67 HIPO manifolds, 2.5", H pipe, to Signature Series. Sounds amazing! 1050 park idle here. Sound mean at 650 drive idle.

- Brian W

These signature series mufflers got rid of the drone my previous ones had. Made driving my car enjoyable while having a nice overall sound.

- Brandon M

I want to say WOW... Your exhaust totally changed my car. You guys definitely have someone who is pushing your product to all his friends.

- Benjamin

I just installed the signature series on my 46 ford coupe with a 355 sbc motor, THEY SOUND PERFECT!! almost completely eliminated any drone.

- John D.

Received and installed the Paradox Signature Series Elite and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

- David K.

Just installed Paradox mufflers on my Foxbody. Sounds amazing! Best sounding muffler I've ever installed or heard. Sounds like nothing else around

- Red

Just installed on my 1986 lincoln, love the sound! Ford 302

K. Wilhelm

Got dual paradox mufflers on my 97 gmc and sounds amazing!!

- Mason

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