Paradox Hot Tamale Performance Muffler

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Overall Length:
15 inches
Body Length:
10 inches
Body Diameter:
4 inches
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Product Overview

The NEW Paradox Hot Tamale Performance Muffler

The Hot Tamale is ALL NEW and improved for 2022! Now featuring a stainless case and limited lifetime warranty!

Paradox Hot Tamale Performance Muffler

The World's Most Advanced Loud Muffler

The Hot Tamale by Paradox Performance Muffler is much more than just one of the loudest mufflers ever made- it's a technological breakthrough.

Unlike straight pipes, muffler deletes, and other "extra loud" mufflers, Paradox Hot Tamales have exceptionally high sound quality and drone control.

After all- just because you want loud exhaust, DOESN’T mean you want annoying exhaust.

If you want loud exhaust but DON’T want to sacrifice sound quality, The Hot Tamale may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Paradox Hot Tamale Performance Muffler internals

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The Tone You've Been Looking For

Hot Tamales by Paradox Performance Mufflers aren't just another generic loud muffler. Our revolutionary design brings out the unique sound of your engine in the best ways. In short, our patented Tuning Fork Technology delivers deep, complex tones that other brands can't match.

Revolutionary Patented Technology

All Paradox Performance Mufflers use our patented Tuning Fork Technology™. This provides bold, deep tones when idling and under acceleration. But at highway speeds, Paradox Performance Mufflers are designed to become quieter, which can reduce or even eliminate exhaust drone.

Virtually all other brands use three basic ideas: backpressure, sound absorption, or deflection. Paradox Performance Mufflers are the world's first "mechanically activated" mufflers. a category of its own capable of superior sound and flow.

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Overbuilt in the USA

We believe in high-quality workmanship. That's why we specifically designed our mufflers to avoid weak points and pitfalls that are common to other muffler brands. Here are just a few examples.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The all new Hot Tamale now comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We are more confident than ever that our workmanship will stand the test of time.

Paradox Performance Muffler Limited Lifetime Warranty

Anti Stress Cracking Technology

Exhaust heat can lead to internal components expanding and contracting. Over time, this can lead to breakage in many mufflers. That's why we engineered our components to be immune to stress cracking.

Stainless Case with "Seamless" Ends

Our unique stainless steel case has no seams or welds- this one piece construction means necks are not a weak point on our mufflers.

Paradox Performance Muffler with seamless ends

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Family Owned. Made in the USA.

When you buy from us, you can count on excellent quality, value and support. We are a family business, and we value our customers.

  • Quality Made in the USA
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • FREE Shipping In The USA
  • Excellent Customer Support

Owners of Paradox Performance

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Get the right Paradox Performance Muffler for you.

The Hot Tamale isn't for everybody. That's why we make our "Signature Series" Performance Muffler. The Signature Series is still loud enough for most people, but it's not as loud as our Hot Tamale.

Paradox Hot Tamales are great for...

  • Stock V8 trucks.
  • Modern V8 muscle cars.
  • Race and off road.
  • Mild vehicles that need a big sound boost.
  • Vehicles that aren't loud enough with other performance mufflers.
  • Naturally quiet vehicles (such as vehicles with many quiet catalytic converters, e.g. late 90s and 2000s F150s).
  • Any situation where you want the loudness a straight pipe, but want higher sound quality than a straight pipe.

Paradox Hot Tamale Performance Muffler

Paradox Signature Series Performance Mufflers are great for...

  • Modern and classic trucks and cars.
  • Pro Street (less than 600 HP).
  • Most V8s, V6s, V10s, and 4 cylinder engines.
  • A somewhat less loud but just as throaty sounding alternative to Paradox Hot Tamales.

Click here to learn more about our Signature Series Performance Mufflers

Paradox Performance Muffler sound comparison chart


Fox Body Mustang with Paradox Performance Mufflers

"I have the Hot Tamales. And wow is all I have to say changed the whole sound of the car. Those mufflers gave me the exact sound I was looking for."

—Steve Kowal

Chevy Silervado 5.3 with loud muffler

“Love how the Paradox makes the 5.3 sound. I would tell the world if they would listen.”

—Lance Bryan

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  • Muffler Case: "Seamless" Stainless Steel
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Overall Length: 15 inches
  • Body Length: 10 inches
  • Body Diameter: 4 inches
  • Inlets/outlets available in 2.25, 2.50, and 3.00 inch inside diameter (I.D.)

Dimensions for Paradox Hot Tamale Performance Muffler


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(13 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Love the way Paradox sounds on my car.

    Posted by Jake

    Fox Body Mustang

  • 5
    2017 Silverado 5.3 with Hot Tamale

    Posted by Mike Capps

    If you're looking for that perfect sound and want to gain gas mileage and increase power all in one, try a paradox muffler. It gave me so much more power I thought someone hit me from behind when I took off.

  • 5
    The best mufflers I've ever heard

    Posted by Zaine Bray

    Paradox Performance Mufflers are the best mufflers I've ever heard! For all of you hooked on Flowmaster mufflers, Paradox Performance Muffler blows them away! This will be the 3rd exhaust system these mufflers have been on! Yes, they are that awesome!

  • 5
    Sounded just like I wanted it to

    Posted by Brent

    Had my 2014 f150 done today. They did a great job and it sounded just like I wanted it to. Unleashed the beast.

  • 5
    Brought out sound on Silverado

    Posted by Robert

    Just had my new paradox muffler installed today, and man did it bring out the sound of my motor, better sound than I imagined, thanks again Paradox!

  • 5
    Dodge Ram 1500

    Posted by Clay Underwood

    Love the Paradox. Deep low tone that sounds amazing.

  • 5

    Posted by Steve Kowal

    I have the Hot Tamales. And wow is all I have to say changed the whole sound of the car. Those mufflers gave me the exact sound I was looking for.

  • 5
    Chevy Silverado

    Posted by Lance Bryan

    Love how the Paradox makes the 5.3 sound. I would tell the world if they would listen.

  • 5
    They sound awesome

    Posted by Arthur Baugh

    I installed a set of Hot Tamales on my 2003 Cobra Mustang they sound awesome.

  • 5
    Loving my new Hot Tamales

    Posted by Tommy

    Loving my new Hot Tamales.

  • 5
    01 Dodge Durango 5.9

    Posted by Christopher

    Muffler is awesome love the sound on my 5.9.

  • 5
    V6 LOVIN

    Posted by William

    Just installed the Hot Tamales on my 2019 Camaro RS/ V6. I bought them because of the clearance issues other mufflers presented for my car ( 19 in length is the absolute max for the camaro). The Hot Tamales are a game changer, it has a nice deep tone, virtually no drone, the sound is noticeable but not obnoxious. These mufflers have made my car more of a blast to drive. This how it should have sound from factory. Unde light throttle it sounds a little JDM-ish, but full throttle sounds very exotic.