Eliminate Exhaust Drone and Get Deep Sound With Paradox Performance Mufflers

The Exhaust Drone Problem

Would you want to get a root canal while driving?

Probably not. But we’ve had lots of customers compare “exhaust drone” to the head-buzzing sensation of dental work.

Exhaust drone is an annoying sound that usually happens at highway speeds, and it’s a very common with performance mufflers. But thanks to our patented technology, Paradox Performance Mufflers actively cancel the sound of exhaust drone.

Anti Exhaust Drone Technology

Exhaust Drone Eliminating Technology

With Paradox, you can enjoy deep sound at idle and under acceleration, without being annoyingly loud on the highway.

Traditional muffler designs use baffles (“chambered”), or absorption material (“straight through”, “glasspack”). Our patented "Tuning Fork Technology" is different. Paradox Performance Mufflers dynamically react to your engine, and literally tune sound through active noise canceling. This results in deep sound, high flow, and virtually no exhaust drone.

Learn How Our Drone Eliminating Technology Works:



Choose Your Sound

Our mufflers come in two primary versions: Signature Series and Hot Tamale

Signature Series Performance Muffler

Get industry leading sound, flow, and drone control with the Paradox Signature Series.

The Signature Series offers the same great sound in two versions: Signature Series Premium (aluminized steel case, up to 5 year limited warranty), and Signature Series Elite (stainless case, up to limited lifetime warranty).

If you're looking for deep sound, elimination of exhaust drone, and a great value- look no further than the Signature Series.

Hot Tamale Performance Muffler

The Hot Tamale is extra loud while still offering super high quality sound and control of exhaust drone.

Hot Tamales are great for bringing out sound when other mufflers won't.

If you need to max out your volume, The Hot Tamale could be the perfect solution.

A Family Tradition

We are not a huge, sprawling corporation. We are an independent, family owned and operated company.

Our story began when lifelong mechanic Mike Barrett wanted to offer customers a muffler with deep sound and no exhaust drone. With the help of his wife and son, he developed and patented Paradox’s Tuning Fork Technology. To this day, the Barrett family handles virtually every part of the company.

Owners of Psradox Performance Muffler

We're Here to Help

You can talk to us directly through email, text, or phone call. We will answer questions, help you choose a muffler, help with installation, help you find a quality muffler shop, and much more!

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Text or Call: 417-929-1824 (we are generally available during regular business hours).

Dodge Ram with Paradox Performance Mufflers


Silverado with exhaust drone eliminating and deep sounding muffler

"Love the Paradox exhaust. Deep, rich tone with some 70’s muscle car growl. No drone, quiet cabin area."

—Chuck Armstrong

Ram with exhaust drone eliminating and deep sounding muffler

“Love the Paradox. Deep low tone that sounds amazing.”

—Clay Underwood

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