Paradox Signature Series Performance Muffler

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MSRP: $114.00 - $139.00
$104.00 - $129.00
Overall Length:
19 inches
Body Length:
14 inches
Body Diameter:
4 inches
MSRP: $114.00 - $139.00
$104.00 - $129.00
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Product Overview

Get deep tone and industry leading flow with The Paradox Signature Series

Paradox Signature Series Performance Muffler

The Tone You've Been Looking For

Paradox Performance Mufflers bring out the personality of your vehicle. Our patented Tuning Fork Technology delivers deep, complex tones that other brands can't match.

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Revolutionary, Drone Eliminating Technology

What if your muffler was loud when you wanted it to be, and quieter when you didn't want it to be?

That’s exactly what our patented “Tuning Fork Technology” can do.

Our mufflers provide a bold, deep tone when idling and under acceleration. But at highway speeds, Paradox Performance Mufflers become quieter, which can reduce or even eliminate exhaust drone.

This is why Paradox Performance Mufflers are unlike any other muffler on the planet, and it's also why they provide unmatched sound and flow.

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Cutaway of a Paradox Signature Series Performance Muffler

Two Great Options

Choose from two great options: Premium and Elite. Both Signature Series mufflers offer the same great sound and flow.

Signature Series Premium

The Signature Series Premium offers Paradox's patented Tuning Fork Technology at a great value. The Signature Series Premium comes in an ultra high quality one-piece seamless case, and an optional 5 year warranty*.

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Paradox Signature Series Premium

Signature Series Elite

If you want deep sound and elimination of exhaust drone in an ultra-high-class package, The Signature Series Elite is an ideal choice.

With a seamless stainless case and heavy construction, we confidently offer up to a limited lifetime warranty*.

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Overbuilt in the USA

When you buy from us, you can count on excellent quality, value and support. We are a family business, and we value our customers.

  • Quality Made in the USA
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • FREE Shipping in the continental US
  • Excellent Customer Support

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Owners of Paradox Performance


Signature Series Premium

  • Muffler Case: "Seamless" Aluminized Steel
  • Up to 5 Year Limited warranty*
  • Overall Length: 19 inches
  • Body Length: 14 inches
  • Body Diameter: 4 inches

Signature Series Elite

  • Muffler Case: "Seamless" Stainless Steel
  • Up to Limited Lifetime Warranty*
  • Overall Length: 19 inches
  • Body Length: 14 inches
  • Body Diameter: 4 inches


*Warranty only applies to products sold and used within the United States. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more about our warranties by clicking here.

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“I got rave reviews from the sound of my Challenger with it's exhaust tone from the Signature Series mufflers I have. Thanks Paradox for making a quality product.”

—Michael McMath

“Great product, highly recommend! I couldn’t be happier.”

—Jake Knupp

Keep in mind that not all results are typical.

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(54 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    '83 Mustang GT

    Posted by Gerald

    Just got 2 Paradox Signature Series Elites put on my '83 mustang the deep mellow growl it has at idle and the no drone aggressive roar upon acceleration 5 star⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ going out to Paradox performance muffler

  • 5
    Very Pleased

    Posted by Benny Parkerson

    Very pleased with my paradox mufflers . Tone is like no other muffler that I have used in the past . No drone inside car is very good. Overall Pleased.

  • 5
    1976 Ford Torino, 351 Windsor

    Posted by Dale S.

    After reading several positive reviews online, we decided to install two (USA-built) Paradox Signature Series mufflers on my son's 351-W equipped 1976 Ford Torino. The car is factory original but now has dual exhaust. Shipping was quick and Andy and his dad were super helpful in answering all of our application questions. On the ride home from the muffler shop, especially at stop lights, quite a few people gave their "thumbs-up" approval of the new sound. The car has a nice low rumble at idle and will growl when you want it to. A lot of muffler companies make that claim, but many have an annoying interior drone at highway speeds to go along with it. This is not the case with the Paradox mufflers. Their unique design keeps the highway cruising sound effectively drone-free. In summary, the look of pride on my son's face every time he fires up his ride makes this one of our most rewarding purchases to date!

  • 5
    2021 z71 Colorado 3.6 L

    Posted by Klint B.

    Absolutely no drone. You can barely tell it's on there until you press the pedal down. I wasn't sure how a 6 cylinder was going to sound but the paradox original was definitely worth the investment. As a side note it changed the shift pattern on the 8 speed auto…. for the better. It also woke me up to the fact that I am too old for a warranty… so the next step is a tune.

  • 5
    Great muffler

    Posted by Al

    These mufflers have taken my Audi A7 to the next level, great sound and look awesome with my after market exhaust tips. Nothing but compliments on the sound of my car. And no drone. Thanks

  • 5
    5/5 unique tone! - 2012 Titan 5.6

    Posted by Dylan Collins

    I got to looking for something different, not a flowmaster, magnaflow, borla, etc and I'm so glad I came across you guys. What I ended up with was 2.25 duals to a 3 inch Y pipe and signature series muffler that kept the factory routing with 3 inch pipe. The sound is done no justice by phone camera, keeps a nice burly tone throughout the RPMs but is very tame cruising down the highway. Service was straightforward and the muffler quality is top notch!

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff Bowes

    Sounds great. No drone at highway speeds 60-80mph. I fully recommend getting you guys getting one!

  • 5
    I have recommended Paradox in the past and still do

    Posted by Ted Seifert

    The nicest sounding muffler you can find for the 3.8 L engine. Nice low tone and no rasp at all.

  • 5
    65 Ford Ranchero

    Posted by Brian Wirsching

    65 Ranchero, 347, 67 HIPO manifolds, 2.5", H pipe, to Signature Series. Sounds amazing! 1050 park idle here. Sound mean at 650 drive idle.

  • 4
    2010 Audi A6 quattro 3.0

    Posted by Lawrence C.

    Paradox Signature series for rear mufflers, Magnaflow front resonators, Magnaflow resonated x-pipe

  • 5

    Posted by Brandon McGill

    These signature series mufflers got rid of the drone my previous ones had. Made driving my car enjoyable while having a nice overall sound.

  • 5
    2018 Toyota Tacoma

    Posted by D. Adkins

    Top notch, great customer service, couldn't be happier!