Elite Series Performance Muffler

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Sound, flow, and style that lasts a lifetime.

A Lifetime Muffler

What if you never had to buy a new muffler for your vehicle ever again? That's our promise with The Elite Series.

We purposely over-build The Elite Series to last a lifetime. With a stainless case and a limited lifetime warranty, you'll never need another muffler.


Patented Technology

Wouldn’t it be great if your muffler was loud when you wanted it to be, and quieter when you DIDN’T want it to be?

That’s EXACTLY what our patented “Tuning Fork Technology” does.

Our mufflers provide a bold, deep tone when idling and under acceleration. But at highway speeds, Paradox Performance Mufflers become much quieter, with virtually no annoying exhaust drone.

This is why Paradox Performance Mufflers are unlike any other muffler on the planet, and it's why they provide unmatched sound and flow.


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Inlets and Outlets That Last A Lifetime

Inlets and outlets are a major weak point for many mufflers. That’s why we engineered inlets and outlets that would stand the test of time.

For The Elite Series, we took that idea to an extreme.

We use a unique manufacturing technique that produces absolutely NO welds OR seams on the inlets and outlets on The Elite Series. This offers unmatched strength and is another reason The Elite Series is a “lifetime muffler”.


Buy With Confidence

A limited lifetime warranty means you never have to worry about your muffler failing.

You can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we will take care of issues if they EVER arise.

When you buy from us, you can rely on our support, and focus on what’s important- enjoying your ride.


  • Overall Length: 19 inches
  • Case Length: 14 inches
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Lifetime muffler for Toyota Tundra

"Just installed 2 Paradox Elite Series mufflers on my straight piped 08 Tundra. I am extremely pleased with the sound and the return of torque from just adding these mufflers."

—Todd Fain

Lifetime muffler for high performance car

“Sounds good and looks good. Thanks for making a difficult job easy.”

—Matt Mails


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