"Will Paradox Performance Mufflers Work On My Vehicle?"

We designed Paradox Performance Mufflers to be aggressive and deep with minimal exhaust drone. Our universal mufflers fit virtually any vehicle if installed by a professional muffler shop or fabricator.

We designed our mufflers to perform excellently on:

  • Most stock/unmodified vehicles of all engine types.
  • Most modified V8s up to 600 horsepower.

Without extra sound control, our current models may not be enough for:

  • Engines producing 600+ horsepower.
  • Supercharged vehicles.
  • Heavily tuned/ultra modified 4 and 6 cylinders.

What to Expect From Modifications

All engine and exhaust modifications can (and usually will) impact sound volume and sound quality. This is true regardless of the brand of muffler you own.

Below, we have compiled a list of common vehicle modifications, and how they might affect sound: 

  • Upgrading pipe size will increase sound volume.
  • Upgrading to “duals” will increase sound volume.
  • Deleting catalytic converters and/or emission controls will increase volume and lead to unpredictable changes in sound quality.
  • Deleting resonators will increase volume. Particularly in 4 and 6 cylinders, this could lead to issues like “rasp”.
  • Long tailpipes can sometimes lead to a “cackling” sound.
  • Engine tuning often increases volume, and sometimes leads to undesirable sounds such as “rasp”.
  • Any engine modifications such as cold air intakes and turbo chargers can have varied and sometimes unpredictable effects on sound quality and volume.
  • Extremely high horsepower engines are louder and therefore harder for mufflers to control. For this reason, our current muffler models may not be enough for 600+ horsepower engines.
  • Superchargers massively impact sound. We do not recommend our current mufflers on supercharged engines.
  • Ultra modified 4 and 6 cylinders are more prone to sound problems than V8s. Our current mufflers may not be enough for heavily modded 4 and 6 cylinders.
  • Rule of thumb: the more radical your sound already is, the harder it is for a muffler to compensate. 

Other Tips

  • If you need extra sound control, it is possible to run two Paradox Performance Mufflers in-line with virtually no flow loss.
  • Resonators can help absorb sound. If you need a resonator, we offer them by request (to order resonators, email us by clicking here, or call Mike at 417-812-8429).
  • Often, the best sound comes from replacing a stock muffler with a Paradox Performance Muffler, and leaving the rest of the system untouched.


If you need help or advice with exhaust, feel free to email us by clicking here, or call 417-929-1824.


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